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Oh yes. That happened and my GOD was it needed.
I can always count on my wand to leave me shaking!!

And you make me feel amazing!!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just recently found your blog and I can relate. My handsome isn't older but both he & I are married. We both cherished the night we had together the sex was amazing. Sex with him is always amazing just something about knowing you have a whole night and don't have to rush. WONDERFUL!
confessionsofahornywife confessionsofahornywife Said:

Well thank you for finding me! Yay!! Glad you are here!! :)

Cherish the time you have with him. I know I do.

Yes. Heaven.

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I am legit just trying to get home so I can relieve some tension with a much needed masturbation time and not only did I get stuck in some traffic, damn if I didn’t get stuck by a train AND my iPod starts playing this lol.

I absolutely love this song.

I absolutely love this song.